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About SocialGamer.com

What is SocialGamer.com?

A network designed to keep you in touch with your gaming friends.

The genesis for SocialGamer.com came from long nights playing World of Warcraft. Spending 30+ hours a week (can you say heavy raiding) with the same people lends itself to forming bonds. Unfortunately, it becomes harder to keep in touch with those people as games lose their luster and groups break up to move on to bigger and better things (or guilds). A group of us continue to talk to this day but with the day-to-day grind it becomes too difficult for everyone to know what everyone else is playing, what they're interested in, or what other new addiction they may have formed.

A couple of us took it upon ourselves to make this task easier not only for ourselves and those we knew, but for the ever expanding gaming community. So, regardless of the next gaming fad, the next console version, the next Flash gaming addiction, or the next time you need to recruit one of your old gaming friends to kill the boss you've been fighting (err... wiping on) for a month, you will always be able to find your friends a click away.

SocialGamer.com. You. Your Friends. Connected.